Why acting like a child will help you achieve your goals!

It was great being a kid.

No much in the way of responsibilities.

Loads of time spent playing with your friends.


So what’s this got to do with achieving your goals?

When we’re kids, we don’t know what we don’t know.

Our lack of experience works in our favour.

Trying new stuff is so much easier.

This changes as we get older and have more life experience under the belt

The hardest part of achieving our goals as we age is Fear.

The fear of:

– Not being able to do it.

– It being too hard.

– Getting started

– Not fitting in.

– The unknown

– Failure.

Fear is the biggest single reason people don’t achieve their fitness goals.

Hell, fear is the biggest single reason we don’t achieve goals full stop!


I should know!

As a small business owner, fear is the single biggest challenge I face every day.

The fear of:

– Making mistakes

– Not doing a good job

– Letting my staff or our clients down

– Failing

I was talking to a group training client last week about this very thing.

He too occupies a leadership position in a business.

We discussed the barriers we face when trying to achieve the success we strive for.

How it’s all too easy to let fear override your energy to achieve.


Getting back on the bike.

I shared an experience from when I was a child.

I’d received my first new bike and I was about to show my family how well I could ride it.

The next thing I know, I’m over the handlebars and missing a layer of two of skin from my knees.

Now, did this stop me from riding my bike?

Well, yes, due to the pain! But only momentarily while I took a day or two to recover.

I proceeded to ride that bike into the ground over the next few years.


That’s why acting like a child will help you achieve your goals!

As adults, we need to remember that we’re not going to crack every challenge at the first attempt.

We are going to fall and it’s going to hurt.

Getting back up and back on the proverbial bike of life is what makes us successful.

So, whatever your fear is, acting like a child will help you achieve your goals.

If this still seems all too much and your goals seem further away than ever, drop me a line here, and we’ll help you get back up and on the path to success.





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