Why Ignite Fitness Is In The Business Of Coaching.


We are in the business of coaching for one reason – 

We know it’s the fastest, most effective way for you to be successful in the pursuit of your long-term health and fitness goals.


We have established “the Ignite Way” to health and fitness – a way to give YOU a customised prescription to reach your goals.

We meet with each member, one-on-one, every 3-4 months for a Client Check-In.

In this appointment, we measure your progress and chart your achievements

With the information and data gathered, we can then provide your new prescription to carry forward until your next check-in.

Your prescription is founded on the basis of improving life in 4 main areas, known as the Ignite Way, as well as the services we offer to support them.


The Ignite Way

– Sleep
– Eat
– Move
– Manage


Ignite Health and Fitness Services

– Nutrition Coaching
– 1-1 Personal Training
– Small Group Personal Training Programme
– 50+ Legends Programme


What does this mean for you?

The prescription you receive depends on a number of factors including:

– Injury history
– Experience
– Current fitness level
– Confidence
– Goals

From here, you may see something like the following:


1 – Your goal is weight loss and pain-free movement

Your goal may be to lose 10 kilograms and reduce the back pain you suffer when sitting at work for extended periods of time.

Your Ignite prescription may be:

Small-Group Personal Training 2x-3x/week, with LISS (Low-intensity solid-state)-style workouts designed to improve fitness levels without increasing stress levels and strength training focusing on improving posture, strengthening weaker muscle groups and improving your physical and mental confidence levels.

Nutrition Coaching – monthly check-in with your coach, as your weight loss goals are primarily going to be achieved in the kitchen, meaning your physical training is a compliment to this. Accountability and structure supplement your hard work like nutrients support your training.

2 – Your goal is to compete at Waka Ama.

Your goal may be to join a Waka Ama club and take part in the racing season.

Your Ignite prescription might be:

Small Group Personal Training – 2x-3x/week, focusing on upper body strength and cardiovascular work capacity, getting you stronger and fitter so you can make the most of your racing.

Our small group personal training programme is perfect for preparing for group activities like Waka Ama. In our small group environment (sessions are capped at 4 people), working with others in partner and team workouts will help to develop your ability to work with your waka crew.


Retaining physical independence.

Whether you are 35 or 55, we want you to be able to retain your physical independence long into later life.

Having confidence in our physical capabilities means living longer and living happier.

No matter your goals or starting place, we’ll help put together a plan for success.


Where to start?

We keep this as simple as possible. In fact, our entire process is only three simple steps:


1.) Book a free intro

We want to learn more about you, your goals, and how we might be able to help.


2.) Create your prescription

Work with your fitness and nutrition experts to create a simple, sustainable plan to reach your goals.


3.) See amazing results

Your coach is there every step of the way and will make necessary adjustments to your plan as your body transforms. This ensures your continued success and optimal results.


If you’re interested in the Ignite Way and would like to receive your customised health and fitness prescriptionbook your free intro here!




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