Why we don’t offer world-class coaching

I’ve never met a world-class coach.

I’ve never played for one either.

Equally, I don’t know what scale you would measure a world-class coach against?

If we’re talking the pro sport, maybe we’d use win/loss ratios or trophies in the cabinet.

That could be the perfect criteria for judging Sir Graham Henry or Sir Alex Ferguson

What it doesn’t offer us is any explanation past the surface.

Any football fan would know Sir Alex didn’t always have a cordial relationship with his charges.

Any rugby fan, lions especially, will know Sir Graham in the same vein.

Now, if we were to apply that same scale to the average recreation coach, do you think a relationship based on a trophy or two from a regional lifting or functional fitness competition would survive a coach throwing a shoe at an athlete.

Probably not.

And if I’m honest, none of us is perfect, and I’ve had testing times when it comes to coach/client relationships

What I do know is this.

We don’t do world-class coaching

Taxi, I hear you scream, unfollow quickly and never return….

Hear me out

I’m happy we don’t do world-class coaching because I wouldn’t know where to start!

What we do do is coach you, the individual in front of us

From the first time, we meet you

If I were to put together a checklist for world-class coaching, it would look something like this:

⁃ Do we know your name/can I remember your name
⁃ do we know how much sleep you had last night
⁃ Do we remember not to swear in front of you
⁃ Do we know about the external stresses you face, relationships, work, family
⁃ Do we know about your emotionally imbalanced relationship with food/sleep/stress

As you can see, there’s very little about exercise.

The thing you think you’ve come to see is about.

I’ll tell anybody we meet, that the exercise, the movements you put value in and on, are the easy parts of the equation.

In fact, I could teach you, to teach me, how to squat in about 30-45mins

What I can’t teach you, what you need to earn and learn, is to treat exercise with both gratitude and respect.

Why those two values?


Above all else, those are the two values we apply to each and every client we coach.

Those are the two values that we feel underpin the
World. Class. Coach.

Gratitude – in that we’ve done enough for you to trust us with your health and wellness goals.

Respect – for the process of being trusted to be an influence on your life.

But, as I said at the start, we’re not in the business of world-class coaching

We’re in the business of coaching you

To see how we’d do the same for you, click here now to schedule a time with one of our coaches.⁣




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