The least effective way to measure success is…

The single, least effective way to measure your progress and success, is in comparing yourself to others.

We see it all the time, someone that started working out AFTER you did, just got their first pull up or just hit that new Back Squat PR.

You say “why can’t I do that? I must not be getting any better.”

This is the single least effective way to measure yourself – against others.

Every day you are fighting against yourself to improve, whether it be as a husband/wife, parent, brother/sister, or in my case as a coach/mentor and business owner.

If I compared my success to what other coaches or business owners were doing, I wouldn’t be focused on the most important element I can influence, namely you, and my effectiveness would wane as a result.

What the person working out next to you achieves is irrelevant, and more importantly, is COMPLETELY out of your control.

Your singular focus should be what you can control, which is YOU. If you continually try to improve on yourself you will make progress.

You will get better.

The reasons why..

Come on Coach, why is it that these people progress faster than I do?

Well, firstly genetics comes into play. Secondly, training age (prior weightlifting or endurance experience) play a big part.

Thirdly, and for most the hardest pill to swallow, their consistency is just, well, how do I say, more consistent than yours.

Fourthly, frankly who cares. The above are always going to be factors, but they only matter when YOU don’t do YOU.

What does matter is that you are focussing on yourself and only comparing your progress from where YOU started not to other athletes.

Check you training diary, SugarWOD, pics you have of yourself from this time last year. If you’ve been constantly focusing on you, these will show change, improvement and progress.

If they haven’t, click here to book a FREE 30-45 minute goal setting session with me, and I’ll help you focus on you.






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