Winter stole your swagger? Here are my top tips for getting back!

Over the last 10 years, I’ve spent a lot of time in the gym and people who work at gyms don’t have issues with motivation……..right? WRONG!!

We absolutely do….. well, I know I certainly do. My motivation recently took a bit of a dive for a variety of reasons, but, like Sylvester in Rocky 4, I’ve flicked on Eye of the Tiger and the comeback is on, de de dah, de de dah, de de dahhhhh…..but I digress!

I’m on my way back to where I would like to be, and sharing my story might help someone else get their Eye of the Tiger back if it’s gone a touch AWOL.

So, towards the end of autumn, I was experiencing quite the motivational slump. I had just had two coaches leave, and I was REALLY struggling to get back into a consistent training routine. I found myself making excuse after excuse as to why I shouldn’t get to the gym to train. It was a vicious cycle, the more I didn’t train, the more I didn’t even feel like training and I was starting to feel the effects both physically and emotionally.

For me, training is a release. It’s a time when I can detach myself from the complexities of life and just be, for an hour or so. It also does wonders for my mental health as well; it’s a bit of me-time.

I know I’m better positioned to take on what life throws at me if I train 3-4 times per week, and it makes it much easier to eat foods that make me feel good and support my training.

The first thing I did was reach out to our nutrition coach, Gowri. We put together a nutrition programme for our members to take advantage of, which gave me the added focus to sharpen up my nutritional intake.

The second thing I did was set up a training regimen with coach Jono. Jono put together a programme where I train 3-4 times each week.

But what about the excuses? Getting away from the responsibilities of running a small business to train would be super hard!! Having to manage my time so I could devote an hour to a workout seemed impossible. I was prepared for the excuse train to pull in, but dealing with it is a different thing.

Jono and I split the factors down. We went over what the brain likes to do, to take the path of least resistance. How the brain doesn’t want the body to push too hard as it selfishly looks for the easy option. We talked about how having a day off is great, if you get back on the horse the next day.

After each session, we focus on the positives, on the feelings of post-exercise euphoria, about how much energy we feel we have, keeping these thoughts fresh in the mind ahead of the next wave of pre-training excuses.

So, how has it gone so far?

It hasn’t been easy!

Between a change-up in nutrition and an increase in training frequency, the excuses have been inbound thick and fast. ‘It’s too cold’….. ‘I’m too sore, I shouldn’t train now, I’m too busy’….’I could train later’…… but to mention a few!

Sometimes it was harder dispelling these thoughts than the workouts themselves, but each time I remember the post-workout feels, pull my lip in and get moving.

I prepare both my food and training gear the night before so I can’t use that as an excuse

I’ve maintained my routine for 4 weeks, so now I know it’s becoming a habit rather than an irritant, but I still have to work at it. Knowing myself, it’s going to be something I have to work at for the rest of my life!

Coming to terms with what it is you want to achieve, pushing aside the thoughts of “it’s too cold”, or “I’m too busy” and keeping a focus on moving forward isn’t easy.

Collapsing on the couch is easy.

But then looking in the mirror becomes harder and taking the lift instead of the stairs becomes easier.

Taking the easy option is what did, and continues to, make me unhappy.

However, with every day now being a step in the right direction, unhappy progressively starts to become happy.

My top tips for getting your swagger back:

  • Talk to your coach and make a realistic, long term plan to get you moving again.
  • Challenge your bottom lip. Have a new narrative loaded! You will need it. Practice and refine this skill each day!
  • Train with someone. Committing to meet your gym buddy at the gym will help. After all, someone is waiting for you…. Keep each other motivated!
  • Have your workout gear all ready to go so you just have to put it on a go!
  • Prep your food in advance, and make it ready the night before for the next day

I hope my story has helped you if you are feeling a bit off in the motivational department.

Don’t forget, we are here to help so reach out if you’d like to chat!





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