We’re super excited to host our next Community Workout and bonus Nutrition Workshop.

Suitable for all fitness levels and for ages 17 and over, we’ll put you through a fun and interesting combination of fitness and learning. If you’ve been wanting to try out CrossFit but were too nervous, busy, or whatever then we have the program to get you exposed to it!

We will be hosting a 90-minute “Intro to CrossFit” session and it’s for BEGINNERS ONLY!

We have a full session planned out for you in which you’ll have the opportunity to hear a little about Nutrition and how to properly fuel your body.  We will also educate you on what CrossFit really is and not what you’ve seen on some Youtube video (CrossFit is fully scalable aka ANYONE can do it with a great coach like we have here at CrossFit Hutt Valley).

We will put you through a  warm-up, workout, and cool down so that you can have a great time!

Spots are limited so don’t wait to claim your spot. PLEASE don’t claim a SPOT if you’re not serious about attending or you’re not a beginner. You can reserve your spot by clicking the button below.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.



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