You’re In Control!

Every day we make choices.

What time do we wake up?

How do we handle getting cut off in traffic?

Who do we smile at?

When do we eat?

We get to choose how we react to situations that present themselves each and every day?

While we don’t get to control everything that happens to us, we DO get to control how we react and take action.

Here’s something that we focus on when talking about changing mindset:

“have-to’s” with “get-to’s

“I have to go to work” changes to “I get to go to work“.

“I have to do this boring task”, changes to “I get to do that boring task“.


When you replace the negative focus of “have-to’s” with the positivity of we “get-to’s“, life takes on a much better, rosier outlook.

We’re more grateful, happier, and positivly focused!

One last thing – this one has really had a pivitol effect on the people we work with.

Instead of telling people that we don’t have the time, we tell them that we haven’t made the time or that I need to make the time for something.

You see, when we take ownership of our actions, we can accomplish anything!

You “GET TO” come to the gym – and we can’t wait for you to do it!

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