Complex doesn’t work

When you take a free intro with us, you won’t hear your coach prescribing a super complex training programme or radical nutritional approach to achieve your health and fitness goals.


We do that because of one very simple reason, we want to take the pressure off you.

– The pressure to try and to achieve all your goals in one week.

– The pressure to adopt a radical caloric deficit so you can lose all that weight in a week or two.


Complex doesn’t work.

When your brain is confronted with something too complex, it is forced to burn too many calories organising the data.

Therefore your brain just tunes out instead.

We relieve this pressure because want you to be successful for the next 45 years, not the next 45 minutes.

We want you to take the time needed to start to learn healthy habits that go along with eating healthy foods and training in a sustainable way.


When it comes to fitness and nutrition, simplicity is the key. 

Your daily life is already a complex combination of

– Work stress

– Relationship challenges

– Family dynamics

– Food fears

– Over-caffination

In order to stick to a change in your fitness and nutrition habits, we need to see success before we can make radical changes.

We need to feel like the approach we’re taking is going to work

That means an approach that takes into account these pressures you encounter in your daily life and doesn’t make them worse.


The typical prescription of complexity

– Train HIIT 6x per week

– Cut out 700 cals per day

– Weigh yourself daily

– Remove all the foods you like eating


The ideal prescription of simplicity

– 2 to 3 simple strength sessions per week

– Focus on increasing daily non-exercise related activity levels

– Record daily food intake for 7 days and review with your coach

– Keep hydration levels topped up

– Check in with your coach at the 3-month mark to review and amend your programme.


Don’t take our word for it though. Check out Shaz’s story of how simplicity really did lead to success


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