Why Dunkirk Could Help You Achieve Your Goals

I had a little time to myself over the weekend, so I fired up the internet and settled into a TomHardy classic, Dunkirk.

Having been born in the mid 70’s, I grew up on a diet of war movies, The Big Red One, Platoon, Uncommon Valour and so on…

The foundation of these movies always seemed to me to be “Together WE Are Stronger”, and this is no different in Dunkirk.


Warning – Spoilers Ahead!

If you haven’t had the pleasure of Christopher Nolan’s epic, the basic theme of Dunkirk is this; the BEF (British Expeditionary Force, made up of Belgium, British and French troops) are trapped at Dunkirk, surrounded by Germans and with the sea to their backs. They face little chance of escape.

That is until a rallying cry goes out across the UK for those with boats with a shallow draft to make themselves available. Some 850 civilian and commercial vessels risked the difficult journey to Dunkirk and back.

As a result, in nine days, 192,226 British and 139,000 French soldiers – more than 331,000 total – were rescued.

The “WE” was stronger together than the challenge.


Your Health and Fitness Goals Are No Different

When you decide to face down a challenge, we always do better when we have support.

If we have the help of our friends and family, we step a little closer to being able to get fit or trim off a little fat.

Our partners or flatmates help us stick to nutritional or routine change

The seamen who volunteered to brave the channel knew this.

That, if they worked together, they would stand a better chance of success.

Your fitness journey is exactly the same.

Check out this great post by our friends at Recursive Fitness from Dr. Valerie Gonsalves. If you have the support of your friends and family….You will succeed.

If you combine this with a gym that offers support to accompany your commitment, you will also be successful.


Things you need to make a change

Accountability. Having someone to keep you honest is the fastest way to success

Expertise. Exercise isn’t as simple as the $9 a week gym would have you think. Get a coach who can help you be successful.

Patience. Give the insta-pills and miracle shakes the elbow. If it was that easy you wouldn’t be reading this now would you

Consistency. You’re not Matt Fraser. Chances are you don’t need a bodyweight snatch or triple unders. You need imperfect, consistent effort over the next 8-12 months


Check out this client success story if you want a little more inspiration.

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