Less Is More!

Black Friday has consumed our attention this weekend, and I’m sure your email is flooded with special offers from every retailer you’ve ever interacted with.

But with all this consumerism taking place, it begs the question “Do we really need more? Or do we need better?”.

This trend extends to the fitness industry too, and today my Facebook feed is hitting me up with a lot of offers for cheap or free gym memberships, challenges, and other promises to get shredded this holiday season.

Got Any Sales Going On?

From time to time, and more commonly around the holidays, we get asked if we have any special deals, promotions or sales.

In case you were wondering, we don’t have any Black Friday sales. In fact, we don’t have any sales at all. We don’t offer discounts, nor do we give out free trials.

Here’s why: In our quest to become the region’s best personal and group training gym and most advanced fitness coaching business, we have been relentlessly focused on this question:

“How do we help our members become happier through better health and fitness?”

Quest For The Best

Answering this question is why we exist. And after nearly a decade of experience training the region’s professionals, we have seen what works and what doesn’t.

Achieving a big fitness goal requires new behaviours, choices, and mindsets.

At CFHV, we take the time to learn what you are working toward. Our coaches are experts in helping you break big goals into smaller milestones and lay out the steps to achieve them. Then, we follow up frequently to keep you on track.

All of this takes a tremendous amount of time and energy, but it’s worth it. Whereas only 20% of people who sign up for a 6-week challenge are still participating by the end, over 80% of the clients in our 90-Day Foundations Program make significant progress toward their goals and become a full-time member at our gym.

The program is done 1-on1 because that’s what works. We provide mentorship and coaching because that’s what works. And we charge a higher, but fair price, because that’s what it costs to deliver this level of quality.

A Better Approach

We’re not looking to work with everyone, we are looking to work with people who are making a difference in their world and understand that great health and fitness helps them perform their best.

So the next time you see an ad for a cheap or free fitness challenge, ask yourself “Does that really make sense? If it were so effective, would it be free/cheap?” Remember, Less Is More!

And if you’re ready to stop trying new fitness programs and hoping they work, set up a free intro with us and get started with our proven methodology.




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