The last month has seen the release of what seems to be the year’s biggest blockbuster to date, Dunkirk.

As a child of the 80’s, I grew up on a diet of war movies, The Dam Busters, Kelly’s Heroes, Escape To Victory and so on…

The underlying theme with these movies always seemed to me to be “Together WE Are Stronger”, much like the theme of Dunkirk.


Spoiler Alert!

The basic premise of Dunkirk is that the BEF (British Expeditionary Force, made up of Belgium, British and French troops) were trapped at Dunkirk, with little chance of escape. Along with naval vessels, some 400 civilian and commercial vessels volunteered to risk the difficult journey to Dunkirk and back. Through the support of the volunteers working together, they braved the conditions and reached their goal….the successful evacuation of Dunkirk. The “WE” was stronger together than the challenge.


This Applies To Every Fitness Journey

To start something new, we always do better when we have support from those close to us. Our friends and family help spur us on when we want to get fit or trim off a little fat.  Our partners or flat mates help us stick to nutritional or routine change The guys who volunteered to brave the channel knew this, that if they worked together they would stand a better chance of success.. Your fitness journey is exactly the same. Check out this great read from Dr. Valerie Gonsalves. If you have the support of your friends and family….You will succeed. This also goes for finding a gym with a community that offers support with your commitment, you will also succeed…


Things you need to make a change

– Don’t blame others. Be accountable for you and your actions

– Be prepared to put in the work. It is simple, not easy

– Give insta-pills and shakes the elbow. If it was that easy you wouldn’t be reading this now would you

– Be patient. You’re not Matt Fraser. Chances are you don’t need a bodyweight snatch or triple unders. You need consistent effort over the next 6 months

Check out our latest member story if you want a little more inspiration.

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