What’s in a name

For the literary inclined, you’ll know this to be a famous section of the famous Shakespeare work, Romeo and Juliet.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.”

The very simple translation of this sees Juliet being unable to associate with Romeo because he is a Montague.

Were he to have any other name, she’d be fine.

As you can imagine, Juliet rightly complains that Romeo’s name is meaningless, should the rose have had any other name, it would still be the same rose.

So too with Romeo. He remains the same man regardless of if he had a different name.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

We know this to be true too.

8 years ago we started life as CrossFit Hutt Valley.

A business built around the love of the CrossFit methodology, a place where you could try fitness out in a different way to the normal gym.

We ran classes, pushed some weight around and generally had some fun.

As we became more experienced as a business, we became more diverse in the services we offered.

From offering group classes to adding nutrition challenges, individual induction programmes or on-ramps, personal training sessions and age-specific group classes like lids, teens and our legends programmes.

And just like Romeo and Juliet, we began to experience problems because of our name.

Even though we varied our offerings, upskilled our staff, professionalized our operations, we were still a ‘CrossFit’.

People who our services could help would google CrossFit and be put off by the imagery they found.

They would find images or video of people who didn’t look like them, doing things they thought they would never be able to do

And so they’d end up on the treadmill at the normal gym, wondering why they’re not achieving their goals.

 We were failing

As a result, we realised we were failing to help the people who could most benefit from our services.

  • People who had previously been burned by the health and fitness industry
  • People who’d had their confidence and self-belief beaten down by repeated failures
  • People who wanted to achieve their health and fitness goals but couldn’t find a gym that cared enough to make them feel safe.

While we had developed our offerings, we needed to simplify our message

We had to change

Our mission drives us –

Many people go through life feeling unhappy having not achieved their health and fitness goals.

When people don’t meet their health and fitness goals, they suffer low confidence and a lack of fulfilment in life. 

If people are successful in pursuing their health and fitness goals, they gain confidence, energy and happiness. 

As people improve their health and fitness, their enjoyment of life skyrockets. 

Ignite Fitness and Nutrition exists, because if people improve their health and fitness, they are more likely to live a happy and fulfilling life. 

We know people have difficulty achieving their health and fitness goals. We believe every person has the right to achieve their health and fitness goals so they can Move Better | Live Longer | Be Happier.

With this in mind, we’d needed to remove the perceived barriers that prevented people from taking the first step to achieving their goals, to living a longer, healthier life.

This year we changed from CrossFit Hutt Valley to Ignite Fitness and Nutrition

We know that this new identity encapsulates what we do, how we do it, and most importantly, Why we do it, far more accurately.

To end in the same vein as we started

Don´t waste your love on somebody who doesn´t value it.

You’re ready to get started, and we have your plan.

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