Why Did You Start Lifting Weights?

I first wrote this post in 2019.

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This year I turned 47 and it seemed like a good time to write it again, or at least add to it.

I played rugby for the first time in 10 years.

That’s one of the benefits of why I lift weights.

Most of my friends thought I was crazy playing rugby at 47 and to be honest part of me did as well but I’m so glad I did.

You don’t realise what you’re missing until you do it again.

The camaraderie, the team spirit, the fun, and the few beers afterwards made me feel a lot happier this year than I did last year when I wasn’t playing rugby!

Now for some of you reading this you might think, I never want to play rugby, but it may be netball, it may be lawn bowls, it might be cricket, it could be going fishing or something as simple as playing in the back garden with grandchildren.

Lifting weights is one of the best ways to secure physical independence and live a longer, healthier, and happier life.

The exact same thing goes for me. I want to be as physically fit and independent in forty years as I am now.

Playing rugby was just the cherry on the cake of being fit, strong and having enough confidence in myself to take the plunge and go and play rugby.

So that’s why I started lifting weights 2022 edition.

Why did you start, or continue, to lift weights?



Thanks to the wonderful Tarn Styche for doing such a stellar job of capturing the action at Petone Rugby Club each week.

Photo by Tarn Styche via Petone Rugby Club




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